Welcome to RockClimbingJewelry - About Us

We are a family owned business which dates back to the mid 1950s. Our operation is located in a remote canyon near the heart of the Trinity Alps Wilderness area in the western reaches of far Northern California, there is no official designated address due to this remoteness. Outside materials must be packed in to our small, riparian flat one and one-half miles and 1,200 feet below the trailhead. Each family member brings his/her own special area of interest/expertise to the operation, be it jewelry design, maintenance of trail and equipment, bookkeeping, etc. See our family's story, Impossible Beyond This Point, about our life in this wilderness.

Due to the remoteness of our location and the rugged terrain, public utilities are not available. We have installed a radio-link phone and hydro-electric system to supply our needs. Our enhansed cellphone-link makes communication possible, even with a 23-mile signal path which bounces off a mountain peak. It is from the winter snows upon this peak that the melt-water cascades down to power the hydro-electric system that allows us to achieve state-of-the-art jewelry design.


Gaines K. Horn, Director of Casting and Production

Karen Balvin Horn, Office Manager

Kelly S. Horn, Chief of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Joel L. Horn, Director of Artistic Design

Crystal Marie-Horn, Director of Marketing/Fiber Artist