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Figure 8 Descender Bracelet - Sterling Silver & Nylon Cord

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Figure 8 Descender Bracelet - Handmade in sterling silver - Shown in purple gold
Figure 8 Descender Bracelet - Handmade in sterling silver - Side view
Cord Colors for Figure 8 Descender Bracelet

Handmade Jewelry For Climbers

Sterling Silver Figure 8 Descender and Nylon Cord Bracelet - 20 mm

One of our most popular Climber Bracelets, suitable for both women and men, this descender bracelet  is a sure thing gift for climbers, Indoor or Outdoor. 

Bracelet Options

This bracelet is available in sizes 6 to 8.5 inches (15.24 to 21.59 centimeters) in length, and in 15 different color patterns. Use the drop-downs to select bracelet size and color. 

If you have doubt as to the size, especially for a gift, order the next size larger than estimated, as these bracelets are slightly adjustable.

More Bracelet Details

Here at Rock Climbing Jewelry, we fashion this bracelet using our 20 mm high sterling silver cast Figure 8 Miniature Descender charm and nylon utility cord.

I hand cast the silver Figure 8 Miniature, and then finish it using a combination of hand pre-polishing and machine finishing to achieve a bright sheen. The nylon cord ends are neat and smooth.

Because this figure 8 is central to many of our jewelry arrangements, there are matching earrings, cuff-links, and tie-tacks available.

Bracelet Packaging 

A wheat-colored jewelry gift box is included with this Figure 8 Bracelet.


As with all of our jewelry, this bracelet is fully guaranteed, See our refund policy.

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