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Rescue Figure Eight Descender Pendant -Sterling -Rock Climbing Jewelry

Rock Climbing Jewelry

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Figure Eight Descender Miniature: - Handmade in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Figure Eight Descender Miniature: by Rock Climbing Jewelry

We’ve incorporated this Descender Miniature into several of our jewelry arrangements: as cuff links, a bracelet, necklace pendants, and as a zipper-pull. As this solid sterling silver Rescue 8 Descender is designed to fit with our Functional Carabiner Miniature, it is ideal for you to create your own combinations with it and the carabiner!


This sterling silver Figure 8 Descender Miniature measures approximately: 7/8 ″ high X 7/8 ″ wide (22.2 X 22.2 millimeters).


The Descender Miniature comes to you in a jewelry gift box.

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