Tie Tacks and Pins for Climbers - Handmade by Rock Climbing Jewelry

Climbing Rope Tie Chain with Functional Carabiner - Handmade in Sterling Silver for Climbers

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Climbing Rope Tie Chain and Carabiner - Handmade in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Climbing Rope Tie Chain and Carabiner: by Rock Climbing Jewelry

This sterling silver Climbing Rope Tie Chain and Carabiner is a great way to belay your tie with style.


Rock Climbing Jewelry's famous handmade sterling silver Functional Carabiner is the centerpiece of this arrangement, used to connect the ends of our sterling silver figure 8 knots, which are in turn attached to sterling seamed snake rope like chain anchors. These anchors are fastened to a standard sterling button loop via our handmade chain ends.


To add variety, you can use the Functional Carabiner to attach any of our climbing jewelry miniatures or other designs.


This sterling silver Climbing Rope Tie Chain measures approximately: 3 1/2" high X 1 1/8" wide (88.9 X 28.6 millimeters), and is intended to be used with a tie about 3 1/2 inches (89 mm) wide.


We ship this Tie Chain in a wheat-colored jewelry box.

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