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Bolt Hanger, Carabiner & Pulley Earrings - Rock Climbing Jewelry

Climbing Jewelry

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Bolt Hanger Anchor, Carabiner, and  Pulley - Handmade in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Bolt Hanger Anchor, Carabiner, and  Pulley Post Earring Pair

Handmade by Rock Climbing Jewelry

Each sterling silver bolt hanger anchor, carabiner and rock climbing pulley earring measures approximately: 1 9/16″ high X 1/2″ wide (39.7 X 12.7 Millimeters). This includes the length of the carabiner and pulley.

Each bolt hanger has sterling silver .030 x 7/16 long inch ear-posts fused to it.  Rubber lined sterling silver bullet clutch ear-nuts are used as a secure method of earring retention.

The functional carabiner miniature, hand made by us at Rock Climbing Jewelry, is used to attach the functional pulley miniature to the hanger. This carabiner opens and closes, and is secured by a working nut.

The rock climbing pulley miniature is, like the hanger and carabiner, cast in solid sterling silver, and finished to a bright finish. This pulley is entirely functional as the pulley's wheel actually spins on its shaft between the two rotatable sheaves.

We ship this bolt-hanger, carabiner, and rock climbing pulley pair in an attractive jewelry gift box.

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