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Carabiner Locks or Clasps- Functional - Rock Climbing Jewelry

Functional Carabiner Lock - Solid Sterling Silver

Climbing Jewelry

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Functional Carabiner  Lock - Solid Sterling Silver
Functional Carabiner  Lock - Solid Sterling Silver
Functional Carabiner  Lock - Solid Sterling Silver
Functional Carabiner  Lock - Solid Sterling Silver

Handmade Jewelry For Climbers

Solid Sterling Silver Functional Carabiner Clasp or Lock

Featuring a hand struck frame, cast bolt, and a machined locking nut, this functional miniature Locking D Carabiner clicks when closed, and is locked by the threaded nut.

This solid sterling silver carabiner clasp measures approximately: 3/4" high X 1/2" wide (19 X 12.7 millimeters), and ships packaged in an attractive jewelry gift box.

More Carabiner Details

Inspired by the success of our artistic carabiner, Joel Horn, partner in Rock Climbing Jewelry, designed what is now the heart of our climbing jewelry line. Completely made by us, this highly rated handmade functional solid sterling silver Locking D Miniature Carabiner is fully working and works as a clasp for many of our necklaces and bracelets, and as an attachment for our other climbing jewelry miniatures. 

 As with all rigging, an occasional check of the nut is recommended, but we have reduced the chances of the nut rattling loose during wear by applying a light coating of bee's wax to the gate threads. 


This carabiner IS NOT intended to be used alone as an earring. Please see our matching carabiner hoop earring pair.


As with all of our jewelry, this carabiner is fully guaranteed, See our refund policy.

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