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Functional Climbing Jewelry - Rock Climbing Jewelry

Functional Rock Cam Anchor Pendant - Sterling - Rock Climbing Jewelry

Climbing Jewelry

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Functional Climbing Cam anchor Pendant - Handmade in sterling silver - Modeled held in hand
Functional Climbing Cam anchor Pendant - Handmade in sterling - silver - Edge view
Functional Climbing Cam Pendant Handmade in sterling silver - Rock background
Functional Climbing Cam anchor Pendant - Handmade in sterling - silver - Edge view - Rock background

Solid Sterling Silver Functional Climbing Cam Anchor Pendant

Handmade by Rock Climbing Jewelry for Climbers

Rock Climbing Jewelry's most intricate functional design is the handmade solid sterling silver Cam Pendant.

You almost want to use it as a real climbing cam, as it actually works. I have experimented with it on non-marring surfaces such as wood cracks, and find that it anchors really well. Of course, being small and fabricated in solid sterling silver, it is way too delicate to hold any weight, but is really a fun piece of jewelry.

It is labor intensive to make, but once all 15 separate parts are fabricated, assembled, the last rivet is pinged, and the final polish is done, I look at it shining, feel the smooth mechanism, and know it is worth the effort. Judging by the emails and comments we receive from customers who have purchased it, I am not alone.

Wear this Cam miniature as a pendant, and when people notice, show them how it works, what it is for.

This sterling silver cam pendant measures approximately: 1 9/16" high X 3/4" wide (40.4 X 18.4 Millimeters), comes in an attractive jewelry gift box.

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