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Bolt Hanger & Carabiner Tie Tack - Sterling - Rock Climbing Jewelry

Rock Climbing Jewelry

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Bolt Hanger and Carabiner Tie Tack - Handmade in sterling silver

Handmade Jewelry for Climbers

Sterling Silver Bolt Hanger and Functional Carabiner Tie Tack

This sterling silver bolt hanger tie tack features a solid sterling miniature bolt hanger anchor, and a fully working locking carabiner, also handmade in solid sterling silver. Including the carabiner, this hanger measures approximately: 1 1/16″ high X 1/2 ″ wide (27 X 12.7 Millimeters).

This miniature climbing gear bolt hanger tie tack is a great way to anchor your tie, and to show your love of rock climbing.

The Bolt Hanger

Detailed and realistic with a bright luster, the hanger is the center of this design. Attached to it's back, centered opposite of the hex nut on the front is a .040 X 3/8 inch nickel pin. For attaching to, and anchoring the tie, a standard base metal plated clutch back and chain is included.

Features Rock Climbing Jewelry's fully functional carabiner

The carabiner, the work horse of our line, is fully functional, the gate swings open or closed, and the nut rotates forward or back to lock or unlock the gate. It will accommodate an additional pendant or charm too, if you wish to change things about a bit.

Included Gift Box

This tie tack comes in a wheat colored jewelry gift box, which makes it ready to wrap and give as a perfect present.

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