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Rock Climbing Jewelry

Climbing Cord Necklace - Sterling Findings

Climbing Cord Necklace - Sterling Findings

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Handmade Jewelry for  Climbers

Climbers Cord Necklace With Sterling Silver Findings

Suitable for women or men, this nylon and silver necklace is made from nylon utility cord, handmade sterling silver cast end-crimps, a sterling 13.6 mm lobster clasp, and a sterling 9.4 x 2.5 mm  Snap-on bail. The bail is designed to allow you to attach a suitable pendant to the necklace without using tools.

Necklace Options

Rock Climbing Jewelry's nylon cord necklaces are available in both different sizes and 15 different color patterns. Sizes range from 16 Inch (40.64 Centimeters) to 26 Inch (66.04 Centimeters) in 2" steps. 

Necklace Cord

We use a 1.8 mm braided nylon cord that looks like climbing rope as the necklace strand for this design. The cord is cut, the ends carefully heated and shaped, and are then inserted into our handmade silver  end-crimps, and glued. After which, the silver ends are crimped for a secure connection.

Necklace Findings Details

Necklace End-crimps

Using a pattern handmade by Rock Climbing Jewelry's Kelly Horn, our cord ends are cast in sterling silver and then are carefully hand sanded, blended and then finished to a bright sheen.

Necklace Clasp

The necklace clasp is a 13.6 X 6.4 mm die struck sterling silver lobster made Italy. 

Necklace Bail

This US made, die struck bail is an easy-to-use sterling silver snap-on. Its tapered corrugated design complements nearly any pendant style. The opening is 9.4 X 2.5 mm. The smallest opening that the bail will fit through is about 2.25 mm in diameter.

Necklace Packaging

This Climbers cord necklace ships with and a wheat colored jewelry box.


As with all of our jewelry, this necklace is fully guaranteed, See our refund policy.

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