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20 mm Figure 8 Descender Tie Tack - Sterling - Rock Climbing Jewelry

Rock Climbing Jewelry

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Figure 8 Miniature Descender 20 mm - Handmade in sterling silver

Handmade Jewelry For Climbers

Solid Sterling Silver Figure 8 Miniature Descender 20 mm

Belay your tie with this solid sterling silver figure 8 descender tie tack. Designed for the rock climber, wall climber, or  rescue person, it  is a great way to show your love of climbing while at the office or a party. 

It is also a great gift for the rock climbing person in your life. This is the largest of our two sizes and measures 13/16 inch high X 1/2 Inch wide ( 20.6 X 12.70 mm).

The 3/8 inch long tie tack pin is nickle, and is both hand electro-fused and then soldered to each descender for maximum durability. The clutch and chain is chrome plated base metal.

The figure 8 ships in a wheat colored jewelry box.

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