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Rock Climbing Jewelry

Rescue 8 Descender Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Rescue 8 Descender Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Handmade Jewelry For Climbers

Solid Sterling Silver Rescue 8 Descender Nylon Cord Bracelet

Show a little of your rock climbing passion with this Rescue Figure 8 Descender Bracelet! 

Suitable for women and men.

This is a perfect gift for the climber in your life, including yourself.

Bracelet Options

Available in 15 different color pattern options and six size options. Sizes range from 6 to 8.5 inches (15.24 to 21.59 centimeters)

The bracelet is also slightly adjustable using the securing knot at the large end.

 Our bracelets are sized to correspond to actual lengths, i.e. if a string wrapped around your wrist is 7 inches, then that matches our 7 inch size. 

Custom Sizes

If you are wanting a size not an option here, please contact us and we will add your size to our selection.

More Bracelet Details

The sterling silver Rescue 8 is attached to the nylon cord on one end using Rock Climbing Jewelry's sterling silver carabiner link to provide a safety breakaway in case of snags.

Bracelet Packaging

This bracelet shops with a wheat colored jewelry box.




As with all of our jewelry, this bracelet is fully guaranteed, See our refund policy.

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