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Rock Climbing Jewelry

Climbers Ice Axe Bracelet - Sterling & Leather

Climbers Ice Axe Bracelet - Sterling & Leather

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Handmade Jewelry For Climbers

Climbers Sterling Silver Mountaineering Ice Axe Bracelet with Tied Leather Figure 8 Knots 

The centerpiece and bracelet toggle for this knotted leather cord bracelet is our Mountaineering Ice Axe Miniature. 

Bracelet Options

This bracelet is available in two different colors and in six different sizes (see options).

Our bracelets are sized to correspond to actual lengths, i.e. if a string wrapped around your wrist is 7 inches, then that matches our 7 inch size.

Bracelet Details

The Ice Axe is patterned on Joel Horn's hand carved original, is hand cast in sterling silver, and finished by a combination of hand polishing and machine finishing.

The leather cord bracelet band is Greek leather and is doubled for two complete loops.

The cord is attached by figure 8 knots tied in each end of the 1.8 mm leather cord and Rock Climbing Jewelry's Carabiner Link to the Mountaineering Ice Ax.

Bracelet Packaging 

Bracelets come in attractive jewelry gift boxes.


As with all of our jewelry, this bracelet is fully guaranteed, See our refund policy.

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